Going Out: Weeknights and Weekends

I enjoy trying new things. And, I’m happy doing something familiar.

And yet I have a conundrum – “What to do and where.”

When I was in high school, and college even, I would find myself frustrated by the lack of money available and options of things to do. Doing things always seemsed to relate to money. With little or no money a movie isn’t an option. Neither is a night out at a new restaurant, etc. A diner though… That always seemed to be an option.

It was entirely frustrating for me and my friends. Of course we eventually ‘found’ something to do but the complaints and wishes for money and/or something to do were abundant.

And so here I am 12 years later after earning my under-grad degree. I have a stable job. I’m married. Two kittens roll around, meow, and purr in a home paid for monthly by way of a mortgage. Things are pretty darn good and happy.

emma and I enjoy similar things and have a similar view of money. So, how is it that when the weekend comes around one of us looks to the other and asks “What do you want to do tonight?” followed by silence or “Hmm.”

Like in days past: movies, dinner, bowling, pool, board games, tv, etc. are options. Rock climbing has become a great outing but it isn’t a night out necessarily either. Hanging out with friends is not as easy either. Nearly all my friends are at least an hour drive away. Friends in the area generally live in the city which means heavy traffic because “everyone” is going into the city – aka not the most enjoyable night out. And they often have plans that make hanging out difficult if not impossible.

Some non-traditional activities attempted include a trip to a local planetarium, a panel about artificial intelligence, estate sales, a trip to a museum of modern art about an hour north from home.

So I ask you and you and you… What sites, papers, sources, etc. do you use to find things to do?

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