Goodbye Dreamhost Hello Site5

Goodbye indeed! I’ve moved my .com to and I couldn’t be more pleased. The server response is phenomenal compared to Dreamhost. Where it would take, literally, 4-5 seconds to load the gallery page I watch the gallery load up in about 1 second. I don’t know what type of server or what kind of network pipes Dreamhost has but I do know this – I’m gone!

The only hitch I ran into that was an oversight was my e-mail. I should have paid more attention. Alas I didn’t and lost approximately one day worth of email. = \

On a completely different note the kitty to the right is probably the cutest kitten pic I have ever EVER seen. emma linked me on, I think, Thursday last week and I’ve been wanting to post it since.

I can’t get over how excessively cute this fraggin kitten is. The head looks huge. The paw and tongue don’t look like they belong. Its fur is so soft looking in the light. And those ears. Oh man. I need a break. Give me some code of something to ground me,,.

Speaking of code… Searching the net for templates or themes for Joomla! or WordPress yield the most standard results imaginable. Boring table like looks with different colors and header image(s). BOR-ING! Is there really nobody out there with clever designs for these HUGELY popular server based apps? Will Joomla! 1.5 change the template culture? I guess it’s more digging ahead for me.

Swwwwwitching gears again…

I’ve been having some great ideas lately and/or I’ve been writing down things I’d like to do which have helped me to become much more productive. Yea to the art of writing. The funny thing, in my mind, is I’ve known this for years but haven’t followed through lately. If ‘it’ is written down somewhere and is seen daily, weekly, etc. it is very likely to be done even if it’s just to get it off ‘the list’. I’m very happy with my list. Some things will take a long time, others may only take a few hours. = )

Continuing on topic switches. The winter was over today. Well, that’s what it felt like after rehearsal. Students sitting around on the SLC lawn. A drive up to Hastings showed us similar things… People were out on the fields playing/practicing baseball or just hanging out. At 21 Marianna emma, her pop – otosan – and I had a catch on the basketball court while two guys played 1-on-1 on the other side. No, we didn’t play on the field. A group of little leaguers were out there trying to play while getting yelled at by the coach because they were being lazy. Were they? From what I saw they were. That’ll be a fun team to be on.

After emma ate nearly all her white chocolate bunny courtesy of her mum we zoomed a little zoom back to 11o1 where we both found something to do… Individually. I fixed/updated my e-mail and site while she edited her first children’s story and read His Dark Materials (book 2).

Now I’m sitting in bed thinking about themes and stuff. Where can a good reference be found? Can one be found? Lalala. A tutorial might have to be the drink of champions for me. It’ll be fun to do as long as I can make it look the see it in my head.

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  1. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you submit that picture of your kitten to “” — they eat that kind of stuff up!

    Great site!

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