Goodbye New York

good deed 01Since my return to the mainland I haven’t found my footing. There are times when I feel in control of myself but the majority of my day to day is spent wandering (in my own head) questioning my usefulness. Last night I exposed a chink in my armor to emma. She saw a snippet of how things were for me during her struggles at Columbia.

So many things have happened inside my lost mind but none of it has been penned.

I’ve done a few “good deeds” upon my return. One gave me the opportunity to do something I’ve always wondered about – dialing 911.

On the way back from Bronxville with Eli and Michelle we passed a car that had one of its windows smashed in. Looking in I saw the glove compartment was open and the shattered window was all everywhere. I stopped my coworkers from walking and, for the first time in my life, dialed 911. “911” ‘Yadda yadda yadda.’ I explained and was then connected to the local police station. A few moments later the details were penned by a 5-0 with the intention of contacting the owner of the vehicle’s owner.

The next day I sent to our neighbor the type of A/C we had just purchased because an older tenant was being taken for by a rep from PC Richards. The rep was rigging a window A/C to fit into a wall. This doesn’t work very well and would have cost her dearly in electricity in the long run and the next tenant would have probably gone and bought the same thing.

good deed 02I’ve always defended this part of the world stating that they are friendly and nice. After visiting Kaua’i I have a very different perspective on the level of friendliness an American can offer.

The first 48 hours or so of NY life gave me a powerful stench at 1101 in the hallway and in the laundry room. A wretched knock you off your feet stink floated through Bronxville, supposedly due to garbage not being picked up at a chain grocery store. Other eye sores stuck out like rusty nails. I don’t love living in NY. It’s a great experience. I could never live in the city. It would drive me nuts. The mindset and the lifestyle are not for me.

— a few days later —

The reason for the delay is simple… I was working when I wrote the above text. It was a wonderfully entertaining four hours of work. Now that a couple days have passed and the apartment has been cleaned up and I can sit without interruption. I will now hold my breath with the hope that it stays this way for a bit longer. Note: It’s Wednesday July 5th. Argh.

I have to chuckle at the last thought I had before I stopped writing the other day (Saturday) because I really do look forward to the day that NY living is a part of my past. I will enjoy it as best possible but fully expect many frustrations along the way. Parking tickets, more dents in the car, etc. Ah, the little things.

As I crop a picture to post my phone buzzes… It’s Richie asking “busy?” With two little nekko napping between my calves while I sit on the couch I guess the answer is “Nope. Just writing and listening to some tunes with the little ones napping all cute like.”

Helping people save money. Yup. That’s what the 411 is next door. Landline phone – cancelled. Cable ISP – cancelled. AOL – soon to be cancelled. He’s a money saving maestro today. Rock.

maybe hes hiding brooke reidtWhen someone asks “Maybe he’s hiding?” it will take on a new meaning here at 11o1 soon. Brooke Reidt’s art courtesy of Gallery 1988’s recent show will join Dr. Seuss and Gris Grimly. Our art collection has begun! Well, this one is a tad bit different because this one isn’t a print. Nope. It’s onna them original pieces. = O

In case you haven’t clicked on it yet the pic on the right a digital version provided by G1988 from their “Storybook Series: Winnie the Pooh” that will close this Friday (07/07/06). This is all thanks to the uber-popular tech site Sadly the digg effect took down the 1988 server and the peeps at 1988 had no idea. Thankfully none of the people that visited the page via digg liked/appreciated the art enough to actually contact the gallery. I on the other hand saw “maybe he’s hiding?” and immediately copied the image and sent it over to emma. Her reaction was what I thought it would be… extremely positive and interested.

Talking about the pic we discussed our artistic likes and how it fits into the adult world and the non-adult world. We also agreed that this piece will fit perfectly in a baby’s room (come that day). I am so happy to see more and more art reflect my interest. It’s actually strange to see in a happy confused kind of way. This is fine art nowadays. When did the transition happen? No clue from this out of the loop reporter. All I know is Gris and Brooke were impressed by the same artists as me during our formative years.

Will it continue? The way things are going I have to say yes. The art world is not running away from this transition. In fact it appears to be growing thanks in part to comic creators and those tail-end Gen-X’rs like lil ol me. A creator I would love to see on a wall in 11o1 would be David Mack. His Kabuki comic brought him into the spotlight. His run on Daredevil put him into the mainstream eyes of the comic world. Now Kabuki is with Marvel and his work is doing nothing but excelling. Like I said, I’d love to see a piece of his on the wall.

I need to wrap up this post but before I do so I feel the need to comment on the music presently coming out of the Bose SoundDock… The Christina Aguilera album Stripped. Other than 3 or so songs this album is what I thought it would be so long ago… fantastic! I have a difficult time listening to Fighter and not getting chills. Beautiful can be described by itself but sad fits as well. It gets me to think of a favorite song of mine called “Losers” by Warrior Soul. A sample of the lyrics are: “Here’s to the losers. The substance abusers. To the rejects. All the imperfects. ‘Cause I think we’re beautiful.”

Yea… End of line.

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