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pickup artistThe Pickup Artist

I started watching it because I was bored and needed something to listen to in the background. After listening to the intro and hearing the first 10 minutes I had to keep watching. Thanks to Joost I was able to watch the entire series and found a new show to speak highly of in the typically negative reality TV show market. What what?

Stan Lee’s “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” (which I just see has a second season – let’s line that up in the queue… Heheheh) was wonderful. A reality show where the contestants drank milk or water at dinner and helped people while trying to help each other overcome ‘insurmountable odds’! Sure, sure, sure — blah, blah, blah — it’s boring watching people being nice to each other…

Wait-a-minute, why is it boring to watch people treat each other with respect and kindness. Right. THIS is why I enjoyed “The Pickup Artist” and why I’ll watch the second season of Stan Lee’s show. So psyched it was brought back for season 2! Mwaahahahaha!

The Pickup Artist did not reveal how to be a slime-bag, sleazy, insensitive guy. No, the hosts taught a groups of men that truly had no ability to communicate with the opposite sex and/or the same sex in public settings. They just didn’t have the right tools. We all start there, some just happen to pick up the tricks faster then others. Some. Well, some never learn.

The contestants on this show, many of them, did. Of course not all did due to the elimination element of the show but the final few were hella-rockin the boat.

I truly do wish Americans found this type of mind set to be more fulfilling than the back stabbing, constant bickering, etc. reality TV shows typically aired. Despite my lack of interest in American Idol, I can appreciate the fact that the show is finding talent and putting it on display for millions to see. Oh, and hear. Once in a while someone slips through the rounds due to support from the Internet and/or Howard Stern – which is meant in fun but turns into a sad spectacle in the media.

The wonderful thing about the media today is that they’ll bury the story because they know there are other more pressing and important news feeds to report on… Shoot, wait, wrong country. Sigh.

If you are in the mood for a positive, uplifting show where you’ll see some astounding character development and friendship check out The Pickup Artist. I hope it returns for a second season.

One last thing… There are plenty of hats to giggle, gasp, and heartily laugh at during the show. The main host “Mystery” knows his stuff but the hats… Holy Moly!

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  1. The Pick Up Artist is one of my favorite Tv reality show. thank you for your post I also enjoy reading it.

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