Haircut and a MacPro

Today was THE day. emma had news and after multiple e-mail and a few phone calls I had news. It was a fantas-teek day for 11o1. The kittens are being meow-y and want to walk all over our laptops whenever we’re using them. Mags is walking all over me as I type, purring, looking at me, the keys, the screen. Yea. She loves having her head/face pet.

It’s really amazing. She’s kneading me with her paws but isn’t kneading me with her claws. They are turning out to be wonderful. I smile. Yeah kittens.

buffy short hairThe news of the day! emma went and chopped off her hair and gave it to Locks of Love. Something she didn’t know was her haircut would be free because she was able to donate. Holy-moly! She described it to me with a Buffy reference which got me to think that it was short but I couldn’t come up with a visual. I’m glad I couldn’t.

After a scene rehearsal at school (for the fall semester, yes it has started already) I came home to an astoundingly uber nicely nicely haircut. I like it ever so much. I’ve told her many times this evening that I like it and she keeps asking me if I’m serious. Very much so I’m serious. It’s just so different.

It may not have the long look that she’s had for as long as I can remember; instead it’s a new layered shorter fun style that it just so so cool.

On my side of the good news I bring tech. MacPro news that is. I spent some of the day calling to Apple stores yesterday and today trying to find out when the MacPro would arrive in the stores. The best I got was “later this week” so I contacted the school sales guy to see if he had any suggestions or offers. Nothing doing. He said the best price I could get was with my academic discount. Oki. That’s not a problem.

The problem was this… Is the CPU soldered in or is it swappable? An in store rep said the ultimate would be available next week… That’s a MacBook Pro ma’am. Hrm… A sales rep… said my question went over his head. On to tech support…. Err… another rep (not tech support) she didn’t understand my question but heard ‘tech support’ and put me through. I spoke to, damn I forgot his name, a tech guy and he said “Yes, the MacPro CPU is swappable. It is not soldered in.” Holy eff!

macpro front The order is in. Yes. I had a horrible experience with Apple’s support and management (at The Westchester in NY) with my laptop but Apple desktops are another game altogether. This box is going to fly and it’s going to last a long, long, long time. Two (2) Terabytes of HDD long. Oh, don’t forget the free 2GB iPod Nano. Gosh darn that deal is pretty sweet.

I will FINALLY have a desktop that has power. Hee hee hee heee heeeee! I’ve been geeking out on it since the announcement Monday morning. Now, at 23:01 Tuesday, I can say it’s in process. The order is in queue. Updates to follow. Cheer out loud people! The MacPro does NOT have soldered CPUs! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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