mic speaker“TIRFCMF!” BT

Not only will I be graduating on May 23rd I “have been selected to be the graduate” commencement speaker.” Whoa! Who? Wha? How could this be? on April 25th I sent a 3 min speech, in all its draft glory, and thought “There are so many holes in this speech. There is no way this will be selected.”

I’m still thinking “No way?! No way. No way!”

I don’t consider myself a writer and will continue not considering myself a writer. That’s not my thing. I have other people in my life that do that – emma, BT, Marty, etc.

So. Instead of relaxing and reading two books – one nearing completion and the other completed – I’ll be working on a speech and doing my best to memorize it. HFCIT!? Holy uber unexpected. Truly a speechless moment. Nearly everyone says “You’ll be so comfortable up there!” to which I find myself saying “I’m terrified. This is completely different than acting. Completely different.”

While my experience on stage will help me public speaking is a game of its own. For those in attendance close enough to see me or those of you with binoculars I may sound and look calm, cool, and collected but know that I’ve been tense in my neck, shoulders, and have likely had a headache for a few days.

I can say all this even though commencement isn’t for 10 days. Why? The moment I read “congratulations” I felt my muscles tighten. What does that mean? It tells me I have an abundant amount of energy and emotion at the ready.

If Ed Sherin were here he’d ask me “How do you feel?” I’d say “Terrified.” (with a smile). He’d ask “How does that feel?” “Good. No. Great. I feel great!” My feelings won’t control me but I’m not going to attempt a burial. Why would I do that?! Jimminy!

Ganbarimasu! (I’ll do my best!)

acronym assistance help time:
hfcit – how freakin cool is that
tirfcmf – that is really freakin cool my friend


  1. Gary ~


    Though you may be “quaking in your boots” that day, your belief in your message will carry you through!



    Love, Tree et al

    I printed this out for your ‘mudda’.

    *** That is very freakin’ cool my nephew/god son! I’m very proud of you!

  2. Congrats Gary! You’ll own it my man. You’re Money….So Money

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