Home Safe and Sound & Serenity Review

We’re home safely from a nice adventure. Sadly, emma and I were not overly pleased with the film. We both feel that it makes a better TV show than a movie. Inara wasn’t Inara. She emoted more like she was a school girl than a companion. Wash had very little screen time and wasn’t much more than Zoe’s husband and the pilot. All in all, it’s an okay film with too many questions left for us. If this is the last thing we’ll ever see in the Firefly universe we’re highly disappointed. There are far too many questions left unanswered. Hopefully a new crowd will be inspired and a 2nd and 3rd film will be made. The series needs a conclusion. Or at least more answers. Now… bed. It’s 0230 f’r cryin out loud. Oh yea, there wasn’t enough ‘western talk’ that makes the show what it is and the western feel was to neon’y. Okay, now… Bed.

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