Hot days no more!

11o1 has a new enemy against Slothing! Slothing? That’s what happens to me when the summer heat and humidity hit. I become a sloth. It’s horrible. I collapse on the couch and remain motionless until I fall off onto the floor. Soon after I’ve melted to the floor and it’s one disgusting mess to reapply to my bones.

But no more!

Thanks to the WS13B30A 11o1 is set for the summer. Mwaaaahahaha.

Info on
The specs:
– 13200/12800 BTU Cooling
-? Energy Star® qualified
?- 9.5/9.5 EER
-? 230/208 Volts
– 6.3/6.7 Cooling Amps
-? 1389/1347 Cooling Watts
– Moisture removal – 3.3 pints/hour
-? Room Air Circulation 280 CFM
-? Net weight – 109 lbs.
– Circuit Breaker Rating: 250V-15A
– Plug Face – 6-15P
– WSC Sleeve – 16 3/4″ H x 27″ W x 23″ D

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