Hot Water?

Since T-day hot water has been a difficult find here at 11o1. On T-day there was NONE! After calling around to the management office and looking for the super I found out he was not in the state. Fortunately a board member experienced it too so he did what he needed and got someone to look into it. During that time I met the mother of an actor from Oz! Chuck Zito aka Chucky ‘The Enforcer’ Pancamo. HFCIT!

The past two days the heat has been less than apparent. At 715 emma had… no hot or warm water. At 815 I had, at best, warm water. I’ve been advised that a part is on order all the way from Pennsylvania! Whoa! All the way from PA. I guess overnight wasn’t considered since the problem became known last week. Argh.

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