How to: Fight Speeding Tickets – Laser

For those of you/us out there that have the need for speed every now and then. There is a way to save your wallets and your insurance from emptying and increasing respectively. Give this article a read. Verrrrrry useful information for we common folk ‘beneath the law’. Smile, we’ve got power. = )

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Legal Edge: Cops Using Lasers

POSTED: 10:13 am CST March 10, 2004

The cops now have high tech toys that are making it more likely you’ll get nailed for speeding. But attorney Mike Bryant says even a laser can be a loser in court if you have the Legal Edge.

A laser gun is the latest speed enforcement gadget. Cops like these because they shoot a narrow beam of light, not the wider beam that can cause radar guns to take in two or more cars at once.

Does that mean you can’t challenge laser? Nope. Here’s how to do it.

The pin-point laser beam bounces off the car and returns to the laser gun. The time it takes to travel from the car to the gun is measured and your speed is calculated.

But what if the officer moves the gun, even a little bit, while your speed is being measured? If the beam moves from the door to the front bumper that decrease in distance will shorten the time it takes the beam to return to the gun and that will increase your laser tagged speed.

Attacking the laser tagged ticket:

Ask the officer for the name of the gun manufacturer. Call and get performance info.

Request laser maintenance records from the cops.

Then, in court, focus on the officer’s aim. Weather, traffic, road conditions. All can effect his ability to target the exact same point on your car.

I won’t bore you with the math, but movement of the beam from here to here can lead to a laser reading of up to ten miles per hour faster than you’re really traveling.

If you’ve been laser tagged, knowing how to make sure the tag is legit will give you the Legal Edge.

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