HTML Neophytes and Myspace

Recently I created a Myspace account for traffic and possibility of getting in touch with some old friends. The first thing I noticed was how horribly ad driven the site is! If it’s not a flash based ad it’s three! The next thing I noticed was how bland the template was. So, the quick google search for ‘html template myspace’ took place. I found many a site that described and aided a user to change the look of their page.

Not bad I thought. Grabbed a quick color change, threw it up on the site. I’ll look at it later next week to clean up the code.

The next week I looked over the settings and saw that it’s pretty similar to CSS. Sweet. Color code change here, font size change there, and a table border edit to wrap things up. Voila changed. Easier on the eyes and now has a similar look to my personal .com. All done. Do I want to go deep into their code to change everything… Not at all. I don’t want to spend any amount of time for what will equate to nothing.

Time for some friends I guess…

Click, click, click.

“What the hell is this?”

“What the faaah…”

What are people doing!? ARGH! If you don’t know how to edit HTML… DON’T! My browser freezes on my PC at work, my laptop at home, and my desktop at home because neophytes are effing with the html code. STOP IT! Myspace admins listen up. Make it possible for someone to change their colors and text size within their personal settings. Allow them to choose a background. It’d be uber better than allowing everyone the change to completely seize up browsers. Non-html folk are reeking havoc in there! Please continue to allow users the option to add in their on html but please, pleasssse find a better way. AHHHHHHH!

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  1. Speaking of myspace- notice how no one is ever ugly: even in the most grotesque pictures possible, people still write “You look so pretty!” or “damn you’re hot.” It’s a picture people, and they don’t all have to be the “hottest” thing you’ve ever seen.

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