I Can Fit You In… I Think

The present time isn’t what I thought it would be. Ha. I didn’t really think too much about what the semester would be like actually. I knew the crazy fun times that would be (are) two people working toward their masters degree would be… crazy. I was semi-wrong.

Yes. It’s crazy. The astounding thing is while we’re busy things are really stable. Yesterday morning the topic of dating came up. emma laughed at the idea of trying to date someone during this semester. “No, really, I’m THAT busy. No. I’m not avoiding you. Yes. I AM that busy.”

Tonight I have a call back for Neil Knox’s “Lions” (Winner of the Kennedy Center’s (KCACTF) National Award for Best Short Play Best Short Play of 2006) to be directed by John Dillon and I’ll be driving the volleyball girls to Kristy’s place for her annual team dinner. Not that I’m a part of the team this year but I am the only one of the then or now coaches free that is certified to drive a school van.

Lucky me.

Being married, understanding the psychology of marriage are two very different things. This I can say knowing I’ve gone through a process of questioning and acceptance. It’s peaceful really. I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone while trying to focus on my dreams thereby putting them second in my life.

Things are still difficult but not because of anything between us, HAPPY HAPPY!, but rather due to the day to day struggles – work, classes, coaching, acting, it goes on and on. – 08:30


It’s been a long, long day. We’re both very run down and (hahaha) it’s not going to settle down at all. I have to re-read Hamlet to find a piece to work on for class (Acting the Poetic Text – Michael Early) this weekend. I also need to buckle down and learn me some lines for Acting for Film. Ed Sherin’s workshop will take place tomorrow and Saturday.

Ahhhh, random fun news. Jacek is moving to White Plains. Right near the Westchester actually. Cha’ching. Want to see a movie Jacek? Dinner? Kick, throw, toss a ball around? Whoohoo! Rock the rockin news.

My auditions, yes plural, for Lions were at 640pm and 720pm. Normally I use military time but they didn’t so I smiled. I have hugely high hopes to be cast for the 640pm character. Uber bigg. Two g’s apparently. Squee! I felt great during and after the auditions. I can honestly this was probably the first audition in which I felt really ready. What a wildly rockin on cool feeling. AHHHHH! I’m so excited waiting to know if I got a part. Damn you delay. Damn you!

On a different note altogether, emma and I finally put together out thank you’s from a well organized and finely executed party thrown by Pop and Lin. It took us a while but I believe we did something a touch different than the normal thank you card. With the purchase of the MacPro came the software Comic Life. emma was enamored with it and wanted to play play play. Te’hee. Te’hee. Te’hee. If there is something like that to bring her deeper into the world of comic books 0’s and 1’s… I’m good. = )

So… Yea. These will be snail mail bound very soon. I have nearly half the addresses needed. Once the addys are available they’ll be zoomin off to a new home. Aww. I can only hope the recipients enjoy it as much as I do. It was hella fun to make. I just saw on their site that there is an upgrade for 9.99. Looks like I know where I’m spending a quick ten this weekend.

There is a rough part of these busy days… We’re both drained when we get home. Sleep happens early. Heck, even the kittens can’t keep us up. AND THEY TRY! OH OH OH! They try! Despite my best efforts last night, and tonight, I’m feeling the droopy eye feeling, that shouldn’t be, at 00:00. A’vast.

Last bit of news before I collapse. I mean it. I am going to fall on the bed even though I’m already on it. Per a conversation with John and Dave at SLC I am officially 12 credits away from finishing my grad degree. Now, were I a crazy man I could do what I did last year and graduate this year. EFF. That. Instead I’ll take a lighter load… 10 hours vs 12 – That doesn’t feel so light anymore.

Processing class times and hours… Working….

Results. I’m much more tired than I thought. 8 hours vs 12 hours. That’s bunches better. So this semester I’ll earn – 3 credits. Next semester 3 credits. And lastly, next year 3 and 3 again. Volla! Wow. I’m going to graduate with my MFA. It’s in there already. Wow. I had a bit of a realization that needs it’s own post: The experience I’ve had thus far as a grad student – year 1 to year 4. So many things have improved.

00:01 has struck. Time to post. Time to thump.

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