I SERIOUSLY Don't Believe in 3!

Eff Camino.

Eff the HDD warranty.

Eff you amateur thief!

Eff Apple Care

Eff Hollywood.

Etc. etc. etc. I don’t know why these past couple weeks have sucked as much as they have on the grand scale… But they have. And to have it all topped off with a piece of junk browser. A browser that is now GONE from this PowerBook. Thanks to Spotlight for finding EVERY instance of Camino on the HDD.

Sigh. I think, hell I know I can’t do justice to what I wrote earlier. I think I was in full type mode for a solid 30+ minutes. That’s a lot of text from many many a thought. Sigh.

Why all the Effs at the top, well, it’s the culmination of everything up to a few minutes ago. Strikes, one, two, three, four, fi… Then kept on, and keep on coming.

It’s muggy. I feel bloated and wrinkled within. Very little seems to have positivity within it lately. I don’t know why. Here’s a run down in very boring form.

The HDD on my PC decided to cough, hiccup, burp, blip, skip, jump, pop, and heave all at the same time on 8/27. I lost all my music, yup, EVERYTHING I’d copied to put on my iPod. 350+ CDs ripped and stored for later listening. Now… They’re gone. Gone. The HDD decided to die on me. Stupid CRC errors. = \

I didn’t get to why it’s strike one yet.

I looked in the warranty when I had a moment and learned that the warranty had expired… that Tuesday. When did I lose everything? Saturday.


The next week, 9/1, I went to my car to prep it for the weekend, a trip to CT, and found everything to be all good. Sweet. Wait. I should walk around the car. Why not. Cops do it to check that everything is… not okay! Some waste of a human being decided that putting a screw driver into the door was a better way to get into my car than simply smashing the window. MORON! There is an alarm light for a reason! Opening the door or smashing the window yields the same thing… NOISE from the alarm.

This mean what?

Cosmetic repair… aka the most expensive kind of car repair. It got better. Sarah Lawrence College’s security team scanned the tapes and found… NOTHING. They didn’t even see my car in the video. I PARKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GARAGE! Also, I had to ask 3+ times to get Larry to even say “No, your car was not in the video.” So, since my car was damaged the decided, after OTHER BREAK INS AND ATTEMPTS, that more cameras should be put in. This time they LOOK like cameras and there are two at the entrance and exit. I’m still deciding what to do about it… Negligence anyone?


Thinking things couldn’t get better I took my PowerBook to the Apple Store on 9/10 because of heat problems experienced during the summer and from recent use. David Nicholls – he rules – looked at it for a while and offered to have it looked at knowing that the dings and dents were from normal wear and tear. AKA daily use.

Well, on 9/13 a tech said the part to repair would cost 950+tax because it was determined that “the laptop had been dropped” and that it “wasn’t covered under the warranty.” I PAID 1k for it! WTF kind of parts are they selling – adamantium? Arrr. I said… No. Send it back.

I’m now writing on emma’s PB because mine was delayed and “should” be there tomorrow. Yea… i’m looking forward to letting them know that I’m never buying a Apple laptop again. EVER. If they can’t take daily thumps then they need to test the equipment more effectively. For the price… None for me thanks. Been there… Done with that.

And then there’s Corpse Bride. YAWN. Pretty. Ewww, so pretty. WHERE’S THE FRIGGIN MAGIC MAN! Nightmare this is not. Well, it is more a nightmare than Nightmare was/is. But I digress. Jack, in Nightmare, rocks!, he’s curious, he’s adventurous, and he FAILS MISERABLY! But we like him all the way through the story hoping that maybe he’ll get it right even though we know he won’t. But we still hope.

In Bride, it’s boring, at times the characters go against what they want. The images sure are pretty but TOO similar to Nightmare for me. I kept getting pulled into Christmas Land, etc.

It just wasn’t/isn’t that good. The plot was my biggest worry and it remained so. The story doesn’t have far to go and the characters suffer for it. Blah. Alice saw it with me and she felt the same way… We had headaches after it ended. The music… enh. Bride’s story lasts WAY too long! I remember thinking… You’re kidding me, more?! The kicker in all of this is that after the disappointment and then the day to day rigamarole I forgot to tell emma’s mudda how the film was. Argh. Bad, bad, bad me! Hrmmmm.

On a side note… Saruman Christopher Lee kicked the monkey’s arse!

Hollywood, simply put, sucks right now. 9/30 will be a day of reckoning with Serenity. I know it’s good. I’m a Browncoat and saw it during the rough footage days. Maybe that’ll pick things up.

It’s now close to 2am on the day I get to watch someone be killed for killing children. God I could use a good laugh.

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