I will, I know I will!

What will I? I WILL finish the LotR:TTT this weekend! BWAAHAHAHA! How do I know this? I read some last night and I see that I’m less than three (3) chapters away from the finish line. It’s really exciting because I’ll have caught up the movies and even surprased em regarding certain plot lines! WHOO HOO!

Let’s see, as of this writing I’m approximately 12 days away from bathing in the sun. How friggin neat will that be? Cho! That’s how neat, cho neat. For an interpretation, speak with you local Japanese friend.

OH MY GOD! If you’ve played volley ball before you’ve heard of a one (1) or a two (2). Well, for the first time in my life I tried a one (1) and it was friggin amazing. I felt like I was flying because I had to wait in the air for the ball for so long. It was like someone had wiring on me holding me up in the air. WHOO! Alright, time to read some one acts. Well, later on tonight that is, or rather… AFTER I finish the TT this weekend! HAHHAHAAAAA!

11-13-2003 01:54 pm

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