Ichi. Ni. San.

Three years later. I’m still at SLC and the changes keep on rolling in. Three years. Hot diggity!

I don’t visit CT as much as I used to. I’m pretty darn sure it has something to do with a lil’ol place called 11o1 and a certain lovely lady that lives with me. Fortune has smiled upon me.

I do miss the day to day banter and conversation of a select few in CT. Happily that status quo has been shaken up a bit recently. Hail 22! Long live the unity that binds us all. 😉

Of course, it took a little bit of boat load of pain to get here but I made it. I actually made it. )big breath and long release( Wow.

I don’t know what lies around the next corner but I’m sure I’ll be able to face it. Courtesy of that good ol fashion saying – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’m not the Hulk at all but I know I am set and ready to face the future. Whatever it may be. Click, click, boom.

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