I’m Interested in Acting but Where Do I Start?

Occasionally my friends and family have asked me about acting. Typically it is about my personal experiences – on stage, on set, etc. It’s fun to share my experiences and is always a welcomed conversation. if you see me and want to ask me something about the stage or screen. go right ahead.

Thanks to Facebook some old friends have contacted me about this topic.

My son is 11 and into acting and taking classes but I was wondering if you know of any programs or classes for his age group?

I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to see if you could point me in the right direction. I have a 7 year old nephew who has a desire to act.

If a child, teenager, or adult is interested in acting there are a number of suggestions to be heard – a class, a teacher, a program, a school, Shakespeare, musicals. It goes on and on and on. It is very rare that someone will offer their services to you for free.

Don’t worry. It isn’t necessary. I kid you not. It. Is. Not. Necessary.

There is an amazing resource available, quite likely, around the corner from you – Community Theatre. It has been around for nearly 100 years and it is thriving.

What does this mean?

It means you don’t need to know the rules and there is a community of people that were in the same place as you. They started out exactly where you are now.

How much will it cost you? Time.

I could go into detail about what to do next but in fact, it’s up to you. You’re probably wondering “How do I find a local community theatre?” That’s probably the most difficult step.

I recommend that you search for “community theatre” using your favorite search engine that has a map feature. Call your local community college and ask if they allow community members to audition for their plays.

If none of that works… Ask around. Someone will know someone.

There is one last piece of advice I would offer to anyone interested in acting… Have fun! Acting is playing. You’ve heard the phrase before and probably never thought much about it “playing the role.”

Acting is playing. Sure, people may be crying, or yelling, or any number of other things on stage but it is fun. It should be fun. There will be ups and downs. It is stressful, just like any other activity, hobby or sport.

Have fun. You’re going to meet a lot of really great people and have memories that will last you a lifetime. The theatre is a wonderful place. It is much more than you will ever imagine.

This blog won’t answer all of your questions about what to do so please leave your questions or comments below.

With all of that said… Break a leg!

Gary Ploski is an actor, blogger, and instructional technologist living and working in the CT and NY area.


  1. i like the article. i have written a play and writing one presently. friends i meant have proved not interested anymore. do i look for a producer of my own,director and all the rest? and look for other actors?

  2. There are many paths available to you, Arrey.

    You could post an ad on Craigslist, ask a local troop or college, ask for help on Facebook or Twitter or your preferred social network of choice, hire a producer, etc. There are so many options. I hope this helps.

    Thanks for the compliment about the blog. =)


  4. Thanks for the comment, Bigdog. I hope the blog was helpful to you or is helpful to someone you know.

    I’m very happy to say my latest film, OBJECTS OF TIME, won 7 awards including Best Acting.

  5. I want to do acting because of my carrier if I get a small role in any serial name:niti Mehta. Age:19. Sex:female. Students:BDS I hope I get an positive reply from your side thank u


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