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It’s been ages, I think, since I’ve felt a desire to write. Sure, I’ve written but it wasn’t fun. Neh-enh. No sir no sir. Tonight is different. My eyes are bugging out as I look at the words as they appear on the screen and the fan is whirring along trying to keep the laptop nice’n cool at 131 degrees. YES! It’s a hot jiggity diggity night!

Heck it’s still warm out, about 55 degrees, at 23:10 on Jan 4th. Not fun. Show me snow…. ENNH!

The last few weeks have been very… to put it delicately… to put it mildly: wild, painful, super cool, long, delayed, educational, inspiring, slow, ick, meh, wee, ugh, hehehhehehee, and a variety of other yippy snippy terms.

norwich yellow crested canaryEngland for a week by way of (gasp!) premium economy on Virgin Airlines! thanks to the Berman rents. Oh em gee B’rents! OHEMGEE! Thank-E, thank-E, thank-E! My only experience in anything more than economy was going to Japan in Business class. That was so, so, so, so so, so, so ahh. What a way to travel 14 hours. Ahh. Hmm. The memories. So nice.


Ringstead, North Hamptonshire… Heard of it? No? Well, Spencer St was our homestead for the X-mas holiday with a few crews: Berman, Ferry, and Ferry-Jones. Other crews made appearances, such as the puppy dog crew, but I’ll leave them out because I think cookies are better with milk than without. Right.

Mag and Keith – If you’re reading this… – Cheers! Despite your wonderful hospitality, comfortable home, and happy demeanor I somehow managed to have a nice time. =P Wild yea?! I’m, uh, smiling and waiting for you to accept my Skype invitation. Well then. Hop to it. Right. I lied, I wasn’t smiling when I said I was smiling. Damn the hills alive with music.

There. I smiled. Heck, it won’t go away now. Hrmm. Think serious thoughts… Nope. It’s not working.

O…kay. I just looked at random tech news and found out that tech, wildly enough, is new and spunky today with high expectations for next week. Hmm, if I read that sentence in 10 years it will very likely have the exact meaning. More smiles. Yeah tech.

coram boyCoram Boy. Two words. Wowwowow wow, A show worth seeing. Technically jaw dropping. Uniquely staged. Beautifully costumed, performed, and embraced by everyone involved (including the cast, crew, and audience). If this show makes its way to the US I have absolutely NO interest at all. Spell out the whole sentence in caps and the implied meaning may start to jump out from between the lines.

I want the memory of Coram Boy to stay in my head as is. Pillow Man was tarnished by the US performance. I’ll stick with the single serving with this piece. YUM!

wavesWaves was technically OMG OMG OMG. It can be described as a radio movie stage drama. ? Enh ? Sounds were all created live – water pouring, gravel, etc. Cameras were used to create visuals that fit into a film but were projected onto a screen up stage from the actors. Theatre = stage. End of line.

While I was impressed with the show considering there was is no script, I found myself losing focus because so MUCH was happening on stage with the large cast CONSTANTLY moving around the stage. At 2 hours 40 minutes (including one 15 minute intermission) the piece is too long to keep someone involved from start to finish. Sadly the brain just can’t stay in the story the whole time while watching everything happen at once. It was exhausting.

At intermission we left due to our flight. Pfff. No biggie. Sheesh. I saw enough to know what I liked and what I didn’t. Smiles are free at McDonald’s. You just have to ask for it.

Seeing the Globe again was strange. It looked bigger. Usually something is smaller the second time around. Nope. Flip the brain over please, it was bigger. Wacky grey juices.

Ringstead family style and London theatre style. Chalk that experience up to a ‘goodness that was a good week by golly’. Gosh I’m starting to feel sleepy. To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause. Z land time.

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