Inspiration Over Skim Milk – Part 1

The history of cookies.

One day a bag of cookies ended up on the shelf. This bag was happy. It even had some pretty decoration on it.

Pretty pretty pretty.

Then, one day, a man happened to walk by the pretty pretty pretty decoration. And stopped.

It was beautiful. Something so beautiful that only love could overpower its draw. Such bliss.


In white letters the pretty pretty pretty decoration called to him.

ìYes! Take me! Rip me free from my chains!î

With ease and as near a stillness of the air as possible the pretty pretty pretty decoration leapt into his hands and then nuzzled itself happily into his back pocket. It was so much safer here than on that evil bag it cried out.

The bag of cookies was cold now. It was visibly shaken. Where would it go and who would protect it? The man saw the pain in the bag and carefully removed it from the cold lifeless shelf.

A union was formed! Though little did the pretty pretty pretty decoration know this union would be its doom.

End of Part One

07-21-2004 11:30 pm

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