Invisalign Part 3

invisalign-exampleThis week I’m learning how to eat as few times as possible due to the Invisalign fixtures. Why? Snacking isn’t as easy as grabbing a cookie, banana, etc. Nope. The fixtures have to come off which means, for the time being, a slight twinge of pain is experienced when the lower fixtures are put back in.

Result – I’m going to eat less for the foreseeable future. I’m actually happy about this. I will eat better and only when I’m truly hungry. Score.

So far I have held to the following schedule: breakfast when I wake up, lunch at 12 or 1, and dinner at 6ish. No snacks. Nothing. It’s going well so far.

This morning the lower fixture didn’t cause as much of a sting as yesterday so something positive is happening.

I spoke with someone in the dentist office yesterday and learned that my upper teeth will require more adjustment than my lower. This was a shock to her and continues to be to me. I’m really looking forward to next Tuesday when I’ll get to see the planned progression.

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