Iowa… The Hub of Change?

Looks like those Iowans, Iowaians, er, Iowanians. Yea, some people in Iowa decided to take all that fake stuff and leave it out in the cold of another towns borders.

One council representative was quoted saying “And stay out! Sheesh!”

What’ll be next from the progressive state that is Iowa? Free flower Fridays? Hmm…

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Iowa Community Goes All-Organic

City Says Council Vote Formalized Current Practice

POSTED: 11:35 am CDT April 17, 2005

UPDATED: 12:12 pm CDT April 17, 2005

DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s official: Maharishi Vedic City has gone all natural.

The town of about 200 in southeast Iowa has become what some experts believe is the first all-organic city in the country.

The city council has voted to ban the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers within the city limits.

City Attorney Maureen Wynne said residents in the city already use all-organic methods so the council’s vote only formalized a practice that was already in place.

Wynne said the ban covers everything from lawns and shrubs on both residential and commercial properties.

The ban follows earlier action to grow and sell only organic foods within the city limits.

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