Its Abar Time!

Shuffle my feathers and ruffle my timbers there’s rooms to visit… in Rome! FUN! I wrote about X2 last night and I get to do it again! X2 full steam ahead! For those men out there that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was alluring in the bar scene as herself you’re totally in luck in Rome according to the courts! If THAT isn’t a reason to visit Italy… what is?! Oh yea, the food, and all that other cultural stuff. NEXT! Next bar that is. = D

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Sex in a Bar Bathroom — Is It Legal?
Wed Oct 6, 9:22 AM ET

ROME (Reuters) – Making love in a bar lavatory does not breach public decency laws so long as the door is shut, an Italian court ruled on Tuesday.

A Swiss couple was accused of committing obscene acts after the owner of a bar in the northern Italian town of Como caught them having sex in the lavatory, Ansa news agency reported.

State prosecutors demanded a six-month prison term for the un-named male defendant and a five-month term for his partner.

But Judge Luciano Storaci threw out the case, saying public decency was not offended because the door was closed.

However, he fined the Swiss man 200 euros ($246) for breaking the lock on the lavatory after he was caught with his trousers down.

“If the barman had given me time to get dressed then nothing would have happened,” Ansa quoted the Swiss woman as saying.

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