It's music everywhere!

So, our new shuffles arrived and I grooved at the gym to some quality cardio music.
But late next week, we will receive a slightly less high tech musical machine. We are getting a Mahogany VV-VI victrola from 1919! Oh my goodness. It plays 78rpm records and will find it’s new home in NY after being fixed up in PA. We have wanted one of these since we moved into 1101 and we are so damn excited. Mister Phonograph in PA, we thank you. You will fill our home with scratchy beautiful music. This will be the most amazing antique in our apartment although I still love my quietroyal typewriter. And my hats, um, and our book shelf, and purses, and early 20th century chinese picnic basket, and well, my wedding ring. So, we have a few antiques. This one is in a class all it’s own.

Big smiles here tonight.

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