On my otanjobi emma gave me something no one else could. It was beautiful. It IS beautiful. Not in the myspace kind of way either. True elegant beauty that stems from her passion for words and writing. I can only hope to be partially as clever as she is with my own writing. I know I’m dry and uninspired, that’s the way it is so far.

I will not post the words she presented to me online. It is not for anyone else to see, share, or be privy to. The poem will remain with me here at 11o1 and beyond.

Reflecting back to 7/13 I know I was not in the best of spirits because things just weren’t going well for me. Take a peek at the post just before this one for a dabble in the blah’ness. I didn’t like being unhappy and I probably didn’t react as I should.

I was impressed and honored to receive such a powerfully meaningful gift but my body and mind didn’t let it out. Inside I was impressed awe struck but my body and mind had checked out.

Today I heard a funny thing from the director of the library (Sha) on the topic of marriage. She said something to the effect of ‘Marriage is never 50/50. Sometimes it’s 70/30, sometimes it’s 100/0. It’s always changing.’

On the 13th emma was in the greater of percentages by a long shot. I was in need of help and she has been there to help me through my recent struggle. She knows what it is and how much it’s affected me. I needn’t elaborate for anyone else’s needs.

IMG_3998Thank you lil lady. You’ve helped so much with my ick stress. Hopefully it’ll be a do-do soon enough. You made a suggestion about what I should write when I said I’d write a three word post: “I posted three words! Mwahahahaha! 4?! No! AH! And now there are more!”

I’m keeping your suggestion as a memory. Nobody else needs to know what you suggested. What. Could. They. Be? 0=) There truly are hundreds of combinations.


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