Jack's Additional Thoughts

Last thoughts before bed. How I’m awake at 2:50 AM I have no idea.

V ball is done, done, and done. We lost to Bard this, er, last evening in 3 games. It’s sad to see the season end, but it was a damn impressive turn around from last year: 3-12 vs this year 6-9. My hope was for a split but for what was accomplished I can’t say I’m disappointed. The team, the coaching staff, and everyone individually seemed to learn a great deal this year. All in all a hats off year to the team! = D Rock on Gryphons! Rock on!

And the other side note. For more then 2 months I was free of any drama in my life. Honest and truly. There was nothing that was leaching, draining, pulling from me, nothing. The most difficult thing I was put through was being there for someone through a life altering chain of events. Other than that I’ve been grounded spiritually, mentally, and physically. It’s been fantastic.

I had hoped to have one (last) civil conversation with None with the hopes that we could both have at least this (last) chance to “fix” things so that communication could be possible. As things have shown themselves to be this appears to a hope that is too far reaching for even the mighty Zeus. Hey big Z you’re a good dude, keep up your god’ing, I hear things are going pretty god for you in history. = D

And now I find that I need sleep since my train leaves at 7:02 AM. My Zeus that’s in 4 hours. Sigh. THUMP

11-06-2004 02:47 am

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