Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise

Hi I’m “Jack’s complete lack of surprise” and I’d like to say a few things about the present state of affairs in what I call “Jack’s Life”.

I think a viewing of Fight Club is in order. I have a pent up sense of rage within me that needs releasing and that is DEFINITELY one of those pick-me-up films ready and at the helm.

LOL. Many serious amounts of true LOL today and it all started just before I left work. I was called “judgmental”. ME! LOL! If there is something I do in my life actively, which there are many things such as breathing, living, reading, etc ñ hmm, I do lots of somethings = ) heh ñ back to the point, if there is something I do in my life actively is to NOT judge people. I may disagree with someone’s opinion but I will accept their position as being just that ñ their position.

While in Japan I was advised of a philosophy of life by a fellow American that had started the JET Programme the same time I did. He talked about a book: I’m OK, you’re OK by Thomas Harris. To this day I have not read the book but the core theory has stuck with me to such an extent that I rarely find the need to re-think the theory but instead realize how I’m not adhering to the lifestyle of choice I wish to follow ñ I’m OK, you’re OK.

It comes down to making an attempt at understanding someone else’s perspective. At times this process frustrates the questioned because they feel like they’re being attacked but what can happen is that the questioner (ME!) is able have a better understanding why Person A believes THIS and why Person B doesn’t believe THIS. It is NOT easy. I find, at times that I slip into a judgmental mindset and then do my best to quickly move back to a listening mindset.

As mentioned above I have been titled “judgmental” which I find to be ever so hilarious for multiple reasons. Do I want to elaborate. not at 2AM. If I were a judgmental person I would decree that actions taken by anyone are “wrong”, “stupid”, or just plain “ridiculous”. This is something I DO NOT DO. Instead I commend others on their realizations. I help, when requested, friends through rough times and listen to their troubles. I ask friends, new and old, questions about their points of view so that I know if how not to step on their toes.

LOL. Oy! Yes’m sir, madam, I am going to deem you UNWORTHY of anything and EVERYTHING you do in your life. I KNOW what is good for you and I KNOW what is RIGHT for you in your life. OMGOMGOMG, I can’t do it. It’s just not me. LOL… Oy vey. I just can’t. )shaking head(

So all those people out there that want to know “the” way… go shake someone else’s tree. I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t have any answers for you.

Court is adjourned! )BANG BANG(

11-06-2004 02:09 am

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