January 1998 – email11

Happy stuff??? Rallly? ralllllllly, wow. The email below is something that made me feel like I belonged to something —- Thanks you Matt. It was a most flatering thing. It also made me want me to go back home a.s.a.p., but such it the way of a contract and stuff….

From: Gary Ploski                           1/24/98 14:33
Subject: [Fwd: Its Matt to Gary] Hun….. I’m haveing a strange day,
To: April Harvey
but — not in a a bad way. Below you’ll be able to read an email from Matt Douty (Traci’s younger brother). It’s such a flattering thing to have been able to read. It’s like… wow, uhh, thanks Matt.
        I’m doing the wash right now, actually I’ve finished two loads and have the bulk of the stuff in the dryer, and the rest is hanging outside. It’s cold, but I’ve got the doors open to vent out the apartment. It’s been congested with the same ‘warm’ air all week. I’ve just finished the beef jerky I bought the day you arrived. I think that it was worth the 1200 yen I paid. Kaz hasn’t called as of yet, but I’m expecting his call soon enough because it’s 2:30ish now. He should be finished with mahjong soon, maybe. That game goes on for a year and a century and stuff.
        I’m glad we were able to chat last night (for me) babe. I’m glad you were able to vent about the John situation. By the way, did you talk to him? I thought there would have been an email about it, but I guess you got busy with that crazy RA thing, or you just went out and had a good time. I hope it was one of those two things.
        Happy note. At least I like to think it’s a happy note. The sponge character things we made are all lined up and havein a grand ol time on top of one of the doorways. The doorway that leads directly into the tatami room has the luuuuucky fortune to have these crazy things above the door. L-R = farmer, rooster, mule, lamb, bull, tractor, cow, duck, horse, sheep, pig, scarecrow. You like the juice… I do.
        Ok babe. I hope you have a nice relaxing sleep. I’ll chat with you on the evening of the 25th JPN time. Have a crazy day babe. TOU! LOTS AND LOTS! ciao cito. HEY

1/24/98 13:24
Subject: Re: Its Matt to Gary
To: garyp

    I hope that when you do get back to the states our relanonship does change.  Hey we are already going to Buffalo i heard from Mark that will be cool we went 2 times this year and had a lot of fun.  No one really knows this but like when i was small and you were like 18 and was like 11 i always looked up to you.  I thought that you were like the coolest person only to find out that my thoughts were absolutly right.  I always like wanted to be your friend and act cool around you.  Now i now that i could be myself and you would not really care.  You were and are my faviorite cousin next to my grandpa you are the one i look up to the most.  I know you probaly dont care but that is ok just needed you to know.  Yeah me and Kiera are in the mist of starting a relanonship so i am in a preety ok mood lately.  I am in 10th grade and i am the graduating class of 2000.  I had mid terms this week on friday school was cancled so now i have to take it on Monday but it is History and probaly my hardest one so i can use the extra days of studying i cant wait till i am of high school.  I will tell Traci everything you told me and Travis will probaly be happy about the 3 some thing. From what you said i dont think i want to go to Ausy.  See i did not know if you were comeing home like a year later but at Aunt Wanadas birthday your mom said she thought that you were going to stay another year and that would have not been cool.  So that was why i asked.  How long have you and April been together?  Just thought that i should ask.  I had to know what the time diffrence between here and there and i needed to know but i still would like to know if you want to tell me.  Well i am going to go know i will be awaiting your reply have a good time for the rest of the time you are up there.  Oh yeah what does ciao cito mean?  I think it means goodbye but i am really not to sure.  Well i will see you later.

Matt   #17

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