Jerry Springer Opera Tops the Chart in the UK

Jerry Springer the Opera (I will now use Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! in place of the original title) received 5,500 complaints about the plan to broadcast the show according to British media regulator Ofcom said it had received.

About the “plan” to show broadcast the musical!

It hasn’t even been seen but has received 5,500 complaints! Way to go Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

When I saw Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! in the UK I knew it’d anger most Americans. Then again I still think it will anger Americans so scratch that thought process.

If Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! can organize religious groups to complain about a show that hasn’t been aired yet is it time the non-religious organizations organized to complain about shows, ideas, etc. that speak of Jesus and his teachings? Hmm. Wouldn’t that be interesting news.

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Jerry Springer Opera, featuring ‘gay Jesus’, sparks record 5,500 complaints

Thu Jan 6, 2:14 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) – Plans to broadcast a London musical that features a nappy-wearing Jesus who admits he is “a bit gay”, have sparked a record 5,500 complaints, a television watchdog said.

The BBC nevertheless vowed to go ahead with its plan to show “Jerry Springer The Opera”, based on the controversial US talk show and which is still playing to packed houses in the West End of London.

The opera contains a total of 3,168 “f”-words and 297 “c”-words. The expletive-laden songs include Pregnant By A Transsexual and Here Come The Hookers.

British media regulator Ofcom said it had received 5,500 complaints about the plan to broadcast the show, which is due to be screened on Saturday as the centrepiece of Jerry Springer Night on BBC2.

That figure is three times as many as the previous record holder, Martin Scorsese’s film “The Last Temptation of Christ,” which sparked 1,554 complaints when it was shown on television here in 1995, it said.

The BBC added that it has received more than 15,000 calls from viewers concerned about the programme.

But the National Secular Society urged the national broadcaster to stand firm against “religious bullies”.

“This organised attack is the latest of a series of attempts by religious interests to control what we can see or say in this country,” said the group’s vice-president Terry Sanderson.

The furore follows a Sikh protest in Birmingham over the staging of a controversial play “Behzti” (Dishonour), which depicts murder and rape in a fictional Sikh temple.

Violent protests led the Birmingham Repertory Theatre to cancel the production.

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