JET Programme Intro to Asaka City, Japan

Back in 1998 way JET-Programme-logobefore I ever had access to editing software, while living and working in Asaka City, Japan in the JET Programme, my colleague, Philip Harper, and I created a video to welcome two new Assistant English Teachers (AET) who would be working with their new colleague Liz.

If there is one thing I remember discussing with Philip before filming a thing was the importance of showing very few cherry blossom trees.


Getting to Know Asaka City in 1998

Asaka CityBefore leaving for Japan in 1997 the previous AET sent me an intro video and nearly 1/2 of the video was this, that, and those cherry blossom tree(s). It never felt like it would end.

Of course I’m exaggerating a bit but not that much. They were everywhere.

It was important to both of us that we provide the new AETs with as much day to day information as possible.

  • Who would they work with?
  • What would their new home look like?
  • How would they get around?
  • Where could they get groceries?
  • What else is in the area?

Considering we didn’t have a script, editing tools or anything to limit our excitement for the city, schools, activities, co-workers, shopping centers, eateries. You name it we probably talked about it. Dare I say we had far too much fun too.

Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan – circa 1998

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