July/August 1998 – email3

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: Re: a few minutes to myself
To: ApeRille

        Tha same goes here. Time has been movin’ fasssssst over here. It’s not the morning of my last full day. Kinda strange, but fulfilling just the same. Lots has been happenin’ over here. I’ve been out with looooooots of ppl and done lots of stuff. I’m tired, but ureshii : )

        Thanks for the b-day email. I’m not online all that often at the present. The maximum length of time I’ve spent on-line has been 4 minutes because someone sent me some pixs. Little bits of my crazy happenings. It’s been wild. I need some time to get a handle on it. Thanks for the email though. Lateness regarding me b-day is something I really don’t mind. If someone tells me during the month of July I’m happy. So, mucho gracias.

        I still have an email waiting on the wings. No worries. I won’t be back for a little more than a week, so I’ll send you the date along with that email. : )  No worries on this side of the ball. Things are gonna be strange and I can’t tell you how I’ll be when I see you, but we definitely need to see each other.  Such is the way with certain things.

        GLad to hear that your dad had time to see you during his trip. I’ve not IM’d with anyone in a whillllle. Last time I was online was 7/5. That’ll change soon enough though. And maybe I’ll catch you and lots of other people online. Who knows? boku nai. With that, cleaning calls. I’ve got to clean the apt. Yikes! It’s a mess. have a crazy day. ciao cito

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