June 1998 – email5

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: Re: hi.
To: Shinyoda

        Sorry it’s been so long. Truly. I’ve not lost your most recent email with your additional questions; so, no worries. I’ll get to them ….. now —->

…clock radios, blow dryers, etc?  Did you also have to get some converter/adapter?

        Regarding this type of stuff, I would suggest to buy it here so you won’t have to worry about power differences. You’ll be here for a year, so why pack it to bring FROM the US. Save the space for neeeeeded stuff – clothes, etc.

Did you have to get some sort of converter?

        Converters for things like radios and small electronic equipment. BUT if you want to bring a computer (laptop/desktop) you shouldn’t have to worry about power differences. Newer computers have a global adaptor. If you are going to bring a comp., contact the computer’s manufacturer. There should be a ‘800’ number in your manual for support. No worries. : )

Wow, do you know that 20 days vacation (that’s what we get, right?) is a lot of days off?

        Indeed, we get 20 vacation days here in Asaka. Those days are usable during the school breaks. You can use them for special needs. All you have to do is talk to THE MAN – Watanabe.

you know that video store you pointed out?  do they carry a lot of american movies, and are they in english?  How long does it take currently-showing-in- American theatres-movies to hit Japan?

        This is a case by case answer. There are numerous (american)movies as well as others (british,etc.) in ENLISH and JAPANESE. When you arrive ask for the explanation at the JET Stuff or someone like…. WATANABE! He’s THE MAN after all. : )  He loves it, he does! hehehe. Expect movies to get here quickly and slowly. Some, ya just won’t see. The big movies will be released in the theaters at about the same time as the states. SOOOOOoo if you wanna spend about 1500 yen to see a flic you can.

        Hey if you don’t mind me asking, what are your future plans work/school/career wise once you return to the states? Are you excited about coming home?  Did you return to the U.S. at all during your year sojourn in Japan?

        #1— honestly, I have noooooo idea. I’ve been stressed about it because there is little I can do while over here. Oh well. I’ll lose that stress when I can get out to the companies, etc etc.

        #2— OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I’m looking forward to smelling the grass and hearing the sounds of which I am so familiar with. Oh yeah, I wanna go to a movie for $3-$4 as well. : )

        #3— I didn’t. I went to Australia for the reason that I don’t see myslef ever getting geared up for a 24-27 hour trip from CT to AUS. OUCHERS!!! That doesn’t sound like to much fun to me but, 8 hours didn’t sound to bad, soooooo off I went.

        Like I said, sorrrrrry about the lonnnng delay in my reply. I’ve been very slow in my replies recently. So don’t worry, your not the only one. I’ve been ignoring everyone’s email. Hope this is a bit of help… If you do have more questions, as you may be thinking of other questions as you get ready for your trip – I will reply much faster. I WILLL!! reallyyyy! Hope things are goin nicely at work. Have you told them your leaving yet? That’ll be a surprise, won’t it. have a crazy day. ciao cito

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