June 1998 – email6

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: Re: Hi
To: Cherwp

        Thanks. Glad to know somebody is thinking of me. : ) I’ve heard the jpb market is goood, but since I’m here (in JPN) it doesn’t do much good. I will get my resume out to lots of people after I return to CT, but until then all I can do is live this crazy life thing over here. AND that is what I’m doin.

        For ex… I will be getting up this morning (SUNDAY!!!) at about 4:15 to get ready for a trip to see a Kendo Tournament. It should be pretty cool. I’ve been told that some OOOOOOLLLD dude will be there that is ABSOLUTELY incredible. I was told that he is about 85 years old!!! It’s gonnna be cooool! Next week is onsen time! That’s hot spring. THe next week weekend after the onsen…. is another onsen! How about that!! Lovin it! Soon though I will be able to read all the signs alllll around me. That’s gonnna be weeeeiiiird!!!! Have a crazy day. ciao cito

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