Juvenex and FedEx from CA – redux

juvenexMy muscles are loosened which enforces my need for another massage. What?! Here’s a reason… My body has created a bump on my forehead due to the stress, tension, etc. that has befallen upon me this summer. Fortunately little of the avalanche happened or has anything to do with 11o1. No. Instead external sources have plagued my body and mind.

Tonight emma told me that the bump was noticeably smaller. Great. Very much yea and yip yip. But, it’s not gone and that is a problem in my mind. Not a stressed out about being stressed out kind of problem. Ahhh. Right.

The experience last night was just that an experience. It wasn’t ‘hang your coat here and we’ll be with you in a few minutes.’ kind of place. Not at all. We changed into… nothing and then were given throw away items to cover up our parts. It went like this… A shower, then a dry heat sauna with ice water, back into the ‘cold’ which put us into 2-3 foot pool of water with (whole) lemons, very different. Lastly we entered the steam filled sauna which neither of us could take for very long followed by a last rinse off.

The moment we had been waiting for was to follow. 60 minutes of bliss. The Mosht‑O‑Maul (sports massage). “These massage techniques originated in Turkey, Russia and Persia and provide stimulating and deep manipulation of the muscles and limbs. You leave feeling as if you had a great workout.”

Side note Magneto is asleep on my right arm so I can only write with my left.

Damn that took a long time to write. She’s now next to me sleeping. = ) Funny. My right hand could reach Shift, and as far as M and L.

We were in the same room during the massage but now we know, contrary to what we thought, it doesn’t benefit much to be in the same room. For the last couple minutes we held fingers but that was about it.

My first massage is a reSOUNDing success. I recommend to anyone that is in the area… Visit Juenex. Yes. Go and enjoy. Afterward they’ll serve you fresh fruit and lemon or cucumber water. Mmm. Now, I want another one to release the rest of the tension that has built up over the past year and so on. Bring. It. On.

fedex logoAnother side note – There is little to update on the CA packages except to say… Come on 65 lbs of power! Squee!

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