It was 6:47 when I left the make shift bed this morning. WTF! It’s sunny in the bedroom without direct light. It appears that the spare room will get the brunt of the AM sun. Looks like our guests will be woken up earlier than us. 0= )

During the previous eve we laid out some projects for 11o1. As we complete or begin tasks we’ll note details and stuff. W3rd! Hella-W3rd!

June 22 2005

Main Bedroom
remove carpet
refinish wood floor
remove mirror from door
remove blinds

Spare Bedroom
remove carpet
refinish wood floor
remove blinds

Living Room
remove/sell/replace chandelier

replace fan & light fixture
replace floor
replace cabinets
replace sink
replace counter


replace grass
replace light
buy table and chairs
safety ladder

tighten all loose screws
replace electric outlet covers
replace light switch covers
door knobs
closet knobs
mini safe

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