Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – LEAP

What is the status of the War on Drugs? Googling “war on drugs status” yields some interesting results – Why Are Drugs Illegal, Is sport winning its war against drugs? No!, The War On Drugs is a Scam, etc. Time and time again people are proposing new ideas with the intention of actually making a dent in the ‘war’ Vs. the budget. How much has been spent – find out here. It’s time for a change.

Who should lead the charge? How about cops? They have to enforce the law so why not? Aren’t they trained to recognize drugs as bad and illegal and that people that have or use them are criminals? Fortunately not all of them. Insert LEAP.

leap logoLEAP is an organization of 5,000 current and former law enforcement officials who recognize the failure and the damage effected by the war on drugs. It has grown to 5,000 from just five founding members a few years ago. Watch the video (apprx 13 minutes) and then… Pass it on.

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