Less 217

The gallery succcessfully upgraded to 2.0.1 and is now 217 pix cleaner.
2 hundred 7 teen! Hachacha! It’ll run faster, smoother, and smile a
whole bunch more. I still need to parse 2004 which may have 217 pix on
it’s own. Who knows.

I also touched up the folder structure and stuff. All this means is
that soon the address won’t look stupidly long. Instead it’ll look
sane. For example, December 12 2003 would look like this:
http://garyploski.com/v/2003/12/12/ Ahhh. A short link that makes
sense. I’m just waiting on a component to make it’s way out of beta.
Soon soon soon!

Oh yea, i also touched up the events for each year. Hella-clean up indeed. Out.

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