Having access to multiple Desktops has always been a key difference between Windows OS’s and Linux Distros… Until today!

While searching around the site – there IS a first time for everything – I found “Microsoft PowerToys” Yes, yes, yes! Toys that help to clear up the ONE window your typically locked into with Windows. NO MORE! And even an improved Alt-Tab feature and Tweak-UI! Win9x’ers out there you know how useful this tool can be! Hum-dinger!

But wait there’s more! Ever have a party and want a camera to snap shots every X seconds? Now you can! YES! Why aren’t these “toys” built into XP?! M$?! WTF are you doing keeping these things from us? Oy!

The pic to the right is a shot of the “preview” window that displays all of the desktops. Yea, multitaskers out there want it. Oh yes.

And on the left is the newer Alt-Tab. Quite nice seeing which window you’re selecting instead of hoping that you’ve chosen the correct one. It’s a crap shoot hoping you get the right window when too many people IM you at the same time. This lil sucka shows you the window. Hot diggity!

A night of cleaning. Dun dun dunnnnnn It’s… DOMESSSSTIC MAN! Prowling the rooms of his lair protecting himself and visitors from evil parasites, freakish dust bunnies, and piles of torment! He succeeds where many fail! DOMESSSSTIC MAN!

Feels damn good to have a clean(er) room. I’m not completely done – vacuum still needs to find its way out of the closet. Ahhh. Having a floor is nice. Having a floor to walk on is even better. Having a CLEAN floor to walk on… “WHOA, slow down there egg-head.”

Oh, these great “toys” for WinXP can be found here:

Nearing Z-land time. Eyes starting to blur the screen. At least the desktop is nice. 0= ) It’s a really NICE pix. Mmm. Yum. Thump.

12-04-2004 01:15 am

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