Living in Portland, OR Makes Me Smile

Just over two and a half months ago emma and I moved our lives to Portland, OR with many hopes and a number of uncertainties.

  • Would we meet people?
  • Will it actually offer the lifestyle we want?
  • How will the food compare to NYC?
  • How expensive will it be?
  • Is there really as much rain as we’re led to believe?
  • How will the kittehs handle things?

Questions on top of questions on top of questions. If you’ve ever moved to a new city you know what we went/are going through. If you haven’t, well, the simple way of putting it is this: o.O

Many friends and family have been asking how things are treating us since the move which now clocks in at ~45 days ago. If only there was an easy way to show you what emma, Cthu, Mags, and I have been up to since we moved.


There is a way and it’s awesome! 😉

One Second Everyday Portland Style

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