Lock in Rate

Just recieved our lock in rate from Nick. Happy Happy. 5.875

It’s 11:16 and this work day feels never ending. I hope bico is having a more interesting and speedier day in texas at his workshop. I grabbed 10 boxes from the shipping guys this morning and they are going to save me even more. Happy packing this weekend. Packing, writing, and cleaning, and perhaps a Turkish bath/some clubs with Ms. Courtney – oh yeah, and some more blood work – always more blood work.

I love half day Fridays.

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  1. Rock! 5.875% inDEED! Nick… you rule.

    I’ll be thinking of you while your getting the blood work done. Here’s the numbers coming out as desired. The day is tre-interesting so far. I mean come on I found out about a squid device for power cables. HFCIT!

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