London – Double Day Whammy


A Woman of No Importance: Certain things are constant as was discussed after watching this play. Men and women will always find a way to analyze each other while sometimes hitting the mark… and other times missing the target altogether. The Play was well staged and nicely acted. For the first time since I arrived I heard someone hold fast to the American accent that was required of a role. And she was hot, but beside that point the play was a bit long for me in certain points. Discussions went on more than needed (in my opinion) causing me to zone out. = Alas. On the whole it was an entertaining play which I’m happy to have seen.


After Miss Julie: All of you Friends fans out there might be jealous of me because I saw Emily on stage. Ross’s Emily. = P Quite a play discussing the class system in the UK after WWII with some impressive acting and a beautiful set. Personally I’m finding that I like the one act plays more than the two act plays. The only exception to this rule so far is Mourning. I guess it feels as though any of these plays could be trimmed down a bit to a shorter two act or a long one act. After seeing this play I feel as though I need to read it. There were some wonderfully flushed out ideas that I can’t remember now, but I know I liked what I heard. It made me think as well as reel from the actions taking place. This is hovering in the middle of my likes/dislike.

The Secret Rapture: Oddly enough probably the weakest script I’ve seen performed on this trip yet the only one to have stirred an emotional reaction from me. Emotional as in heart felt. That should probably be noted or it’d appear that I’m COMPLETELY without emotion as other plays have brought me to smile gleefully and stare in awe or disbelief. Anyhow, I felt as though this could be on par with Les Liasons Dangereues on my scale of like/dislike. Scene changes were smooth with a side sliding stage. The music I felt was effective at first but slipped off toward the end… possibly because of the flow of the play/script. I’m not exactly sure. Happily I haven’t seen a play that bored me to tears or upset me so that I feel I’ve wasted my time. = ) Smiles.

Tonight is Jerry Springer and then I’m off to see Matt in Cambridge! Rock!

01-09-2004 09:15 am

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