Looking Around Me and I Want to…

Earlier this week something inside me went snap and things started to make more sense. I was am in a world of yin and yang.

I <3 NY — I hate NY
I <3 my job — I want to move
CT is great — CT drives me up the wall

It went on like that for a long while. Well, it seemed that way. It may have been one really long sentence. You know, the kind that keeps on going, even though you think to yourself that you should stop, like the one time while waiting on line and you found yourself talking about what happened the other day because it was so incredible and you just want everyone to know about it but then you finish and realize that the story may have fallen on deaf ears and then your feel silly for having gone on and on only to be tapped on the shoulder by the person in charge of the queue to move you along except they are trying to help you by whispering something to you because you have some white ‘stuff’ on your shoulder that looks like something that fell from the sky.

That kind of long thought that doesn’t take very long but OH YEAH, it feels like you are the only person with any significant relevance.

Right. Some would choose to end the thought with a tag vs a period — </rant> — I ended it with silence and a wide eyed stare into the darkness.

I miss my car. I do. I have accepted the theft/loss/whatever it’s called, emotionally. The most difficult thing is the walk or the drive by the location the car was last scene. I find myself looking at the spot hoping ‘Maybe it’ll be there. Even if it’s just in my mind.’ With the instant follow up thought ‘I’m being rediculous.’

I wish it weren’t in parts. Actually, it’s not in parts. It should have been sold at auction and used as parts but the pick up took too long so NYC picked it up. Towed it. Then… Crushed it. Yup. Like the pic here. Bah.

The Seagull schedule has been rough on my mind/body. I’ve felt exhausted nearly every day the past week or two. That could have been due to the car and the other mental stuff. I only experienced the snap a few days ago. We’re heading into the homestretch and I’m getting excited about the show. The poster looks good.

The show will be performed on November 6th, 7th, and 8th in the Wright Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College at 7:00pm. I’ve created a Facebook event for each performance. Hope you can make it.

Due to my schedule(s) it’s been rough at 1101. The time available with emma almost feels like a commercial during a movie. We see each other. We hang out. But with little time available we try to fit in dinner and time together. The length of time is usually around 45 minutes. When I get home emma is in bed and I’m wide awake so it usually takes 30-60 minutes before I’m ready to go into Z land.

The election, too, has been on my mind. This election feels like it is taking forever! The primaries lasting as long as they did… Sigh. With less than 10 days until E Day I’m watching the state polls and keeping my fingers crossed that results come in as the models are predicting.

I have already voted – absintee style. This election was all blue for me.

Time to jet… Rehearsal calls.

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  1. An interesting view of the automotive industry. Where do you see the future of the industry, will it ever recover or will there be major casulties?

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