Looking Back on Washington & B.C.

MXCWhat a strange and unique time our vacation turned into. Instead of roaming the roads of Redmond in a rental… We played assistant soccer mom with Karen. Instead of strolling the avenues of Downtown Seattle… We avoided walking whenever possible and sidestepped the yellow arches that streamed from the local campers. Instead of basking in the sun with a book… Huh. Wait-a-minute – We actually did that. And, lastly, instead of sampling Vancouver… We buggered off and hung out in Redmond a bit more.

Okay, so it wasn’t a complete failure. No, no, no. Playing assistant soccer mom with the Redmond crew was a blast. Board games, soccer, hour long conversations, Oliver (puppy) fun, Most Extreme Elimination. And more, and more, and more.

In fact, it was a mountain of fresh air hanging out with the Redmond fam. I had no idea we’d connect as well as we did. To say I was surprised scratches the surface. But to say emma and I were surprised takes bikurishita to another level. Surprised. It means surprised. Yea. Probably figured that one out already. Right.

Moving on.

Plantar Fasciitis heel PainSadly a foot problem – plantar fasciitis bit emma in the foot heel – and crippled limited our options. So, in Seattle we walked as little as we could. In Victoria we rented bicycles. In Redmond, we were car nannies. It was great fun!

The status of the evil heel? As of this very moment… She’s still nursing it. Stupid fasciia. Meh. The bionic foot stretching thing that costs 3K is super kick (cough cough). If you get my meaning. No, cough cough doesn’t mean… Never mind. It’s getting better with lots of ice, heat, stretching, rest, repeat, repeat, repeat. Oh, and patience. Much with the patience. Tis so sad.

Skipping backward.

Victoria was great. With old architecture, a strong youth culture, and strong community spirit it called to us as a place to return to in the future. Score for Victoria.

Though… There’s a story in the Canadian border patrol. Not tonight though. Quick hint at the fun… I like cocaine. Well, according to the border patrol security I do. Who knew. I sure didn’t.

There is so much I could write about our trip but instead I’m going to follow up with one last post about my coke habit. It wasn’t what we’d planned, but it was great seeing friends (Lorrie, Joe, Andi) after far too much time had passed and getting to know a new part of the fam. Redmond crew, looking forward to seeing you all in NY.

Now. Iz bed.

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