Lost in Translation

lostintranslationSee this movie! I’m extremely biased as I lived through many of the experiences the lead male character goes through but… many people I know that did not live through the experiences enjoyed the movie just as I.

Lost is an entertaining film from the start. Though many may complain of some long drawn out scenes it is imperative to remember that this movie is about being isolated, feeling alone, as well and being confused. Both leads deliver a very empathetic performance. While most people have never been in this type of situation before, there are a great number that have.

My guess is that this movie will become a cult film and will live on among people’s dvd collection – but only by a certain breed of person. This is not a movie for the masses by any means. If you don’t care about acting or emotions but find action and fighting to be your cup of sake… skip this film. If you like me and care about the former… get to the theater as soon as you can before it’s too late.

IMDB.com Synopsis:Bob Harris (Murray) and Charlotte (Johansson) are two Americans in Tokyo. Bob is a movie star in town to shoot a whiskey commercial, while Charlotte is a young woman tagging along with her workaholic photographer husband (Ribisi). Unable to sleep, Bob and Charlotte cross paths one night in the luxury hotel bar. This chance meeting soon beomces a surprising friendship. Charlotte and Bob venture through Tokyo, becomes friends with a young movie actress Kelly (Faris), have often hilarious encounters with its citizens, and ultimately discover a new belief in life’s possibilities.

8 of 10

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  1. Could not agree with more with this assessment. Lost in Translation is a terrific, slice-of-life work that laves you very emotionally stirred and sees Bill Murray’s best performance (and a surprisingly humble one) since Groundhog Day. This is a meditative film… nothing glitsy or Hollywood about it. Exceptional.

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