Mad Hot Ballroom Review…

We don’t need to review it. Why? A Few people have already written our thoughts. All except one which I’ll add to the end.

“Disappointingly superficial — even the most interesting children get lost in the constant shuffle on and off-stage. It spends too little time with too many people. “

“The result is like an extended fluff piece you would see on a news magazine. It’s cute, but it leaves you wanting more… and less.”
— Cherryl Dawson and Leigh Ann Palone, THEMOVIECHICKS.COM

“the filmmakers have a shaky grasp on differentiating their classrooms to delve into any…controversial aspects and build no suspense for the final competition”
— Laura Clifford, REELING REVIEWS

The film is… enh. Sigh. Both emma and I were very disappointed in the film which was a huge let down due to our excitement.

What was left out of the reviews I’ve read – the camera work. The film was about dancing. At one point a teacher corrects the students on a dance saying something like “You’re moving your upper body too much. Everything is happening below the waist. Through you hips, legs and feet.” Why is this important? The camera almost never leaves the upper torso of the children! I wanted to see everything. ESPECIALLY during the swing dances. Sigh.

Wait for this to hit the DVD shelf. Save your money and see it at home with the kids. That will probably add a whole bunch to the films heart – or lack there of.

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