Making it Through Another One

Highs and lows happen. This semester was filled to the brim. All those half cups were left in the sink full or in the dishwasher empty and dry waiting for some attention. That’s just how it was.

I am happy in so many ways but I believe I’m tired in more. It’s strange feeling the remnants of stress on my forehead still. (In season 30 episodes 8-12 – A bump appeared on my forehead which appears to have been the result of high amounts of stress at work,) The past couple days the size of the bump has decreased but it’s still very noticeable (to me). Could it be that a quiet office for 3 days has been that helpful to my stressed out mind and body?!

I sign the check if it says ‘yes’, just hand me the pen.

Successes… Happened. emma and I planned for a double bill before the semester started. We knew it would be a difficult adventure working on a MFA at the same time. Whooooo-weeee! There are some events that can be planned and there are some that require planning and then flexibility. This was the later.

emma works well in the early AM. I work better in the PM. I like staying up late. She enjoys going to bed early. Her class required reading and writing which took place primarily in silence while my classes required the memorization of lines. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that topic. We found ourselves in opposite camps for a long time. I could easily argue 12 weeks of the 15. Don’t forget volley ball and the restructuring of the office. Weeeeeeee!

And now, with just over 24 hours until emma’s 25th, we’re mentally and physically ready for time away from 11o1, SLC, and work. Upon our return we’ll be hosting our first New Years Party. )internal chuckle( With less than one day to prepare it will be a very interesting event. Come one come all… You know who you are.

It’s been a long while since I’ve had a clear opportunity to jot down some thoughts that I hoped to flush out. Blah. It appears that none choose to re-reveal tonight. Grah!

Hmm, acccctually there is one seeing as it ties into the next semester here goes. Performing in Lesson by Lori Leigh turned out to be my only non-class performance this semester. I was disappointed but what could I do. Wimper, wimper, pout, pout. Gotten over. The performance yielded spectacular reactions.

John Dillon commended me on my performance after the reading. Right, key point, this was a reading, albeit a staged reading, not a full performance with hours and hours of rehearsal built into the performance.

Niet. Instead the show was built on three rehearsals which involved one full read through. emma later told me how proud she was of my performance. I was glowing because all of my work this semester was actually applied by my brain mater and those in attendance of Lesson saw the payoff.

I’ve been told Lesson will be performed next semester as a main stage production… Will I be the older geeky teacher again? Do do do dooooooo. Do do.

My goal is to be in a main stage performance this year semester. Hahahaha. There is very little I can do to find my way into a show except do my thing during the general audition. What to do, what to do. Maybe something from Macbeth? Hmm…

Tomorrow, Thursday, is the last day of work for the year. It’s sort of unreal. I’m not quite sure how to handle it.

Kazi… A little over a month ago I learned about the heart because of a surgery Kazi had to save his life. He had a heart attack while at work. Fitting. He was rushed to a hospital where he received medication and eventually went into surgery. Was this all in the same day? Suuure. Why not.

He wrote to me and acknowledged how lucky he was to be alive (the older you get the more pathways available to the heart – who knew) and that he has not smoked since the day he collapsed. SCORE!

Dude, if he stops completely he’ll be able to buy a house in a year. )innocent smile(

For those who know Kazi he’s okay now. The same surgery is planned for January (balloon tipped catheter) to clear up another artery. Our thoughts are with you Kazi. Rock on and sing often!

And time to copy this from TextEdit and paste it into WordPress.


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