March 1998

March 1998

I am going to try to keep doing the journal, but I see the future of this crazy journal thing being done but once or twice a month. I hope that your curiosity can keep up with that time span. Hope to hear from you allll soon. Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of March. Enjoy…

1 Email
Starting the month off with a load of stuff. Of course Iaido is in there… seems to be a constant now doesn’t it… : ) Weather stuff. Strange fact about the weather — In CT the exact same weather conditions occured! It was a double or nothing event! What a crazy turn of events ne! Language and some revelations regading my studying habits etc.. Why my first few months were well spent asking all the questions I asked…. Enough.. read on.
2 Email
My kitchen table can speak!!! Get a load of that! Questions about another package…. gee I’m lucky. REDICULOUS PRICES TO SEND THINGS HOME!!!!! Photo
time! 6 4 smile! and so on….
3 Email

This email speaks for itself.

4 Email-
**singing**Dreeeeaaaaam dream dream dream. Dreeeeaaaaam ……. : )
5 Email
I did it!!!! I have another notch to add to my list. Ok ok so it’s not over ten yet, hey I’m trying! YESS!!! Another book finished, and I
can’t find another one to read… how about that. “THE SALARYMAN’S WIFE” written by SUJATA MASSEY. Look at ’em gooooo. Just not in the mood to read I guess. Studying takes up to much time. : )
6 Email
A short message to Alice telling her about all the normal things that happen when you pry open a can of sushi. Yes indeed a can of sushi, didn’t
think it was possible did you? Hey, anything is possible. How about pre-cut bread? Not sliced… the crust is cut off and sold all wrapped nice and neat. How about DIGESTIBLE CRACKERS, that’s the name of the cracker. GOtta
love it.. Oh by the way, the sushi thing — it’s REALly not true. : )
7 Email
A running theme at the moment.. Rille isn’t online : ( Not kewl, not gewd, just not. A fun story of how one should not acquire a CD. Yes, how not to acquire a CD…..Lead by example I guess.
8 Email
Read on. It’s up to you to ask the questions….
9 Email
Soccer soccer football. HUH?! Yes ineed football is the correct name for this sport. but in America we call it soccer. How about that. Anyway,
I saw my first professional soccer game since the summer of 1994!!! Wahhooo!!! How about that one. It was a most impressive display of…. read it baby!! IT’s ALLLLL there! haha.
10 Email

Additional stuff about the game… after thought. ouch.. did that hurt?

11 Email
Here comes the bride… alll dressed in… wait a sec…. that’s the wrong song. Opps-ezzz. hehehe sorry. haha. It’s time for tears of happiness and sorrow. Time for SPEED to sing their popular tune…. “My Graduation” Ohhh let it rock on ladies…. it’s actually a cool tune. I like.. you like? try it out….. the words within that is…
12 Email
Orientation??? Already? But how could this be? Ohhh yeah, it’s a different orientation. D’oh! another faux paus commited. Damn those Gergens Soap commercials. he he…. TPU baby!! All the way!
13 Email
It looms in the closet… well, that’s if it’s lost. Yes the nail bufferfound it’s way out this time and it’s been… dare I say it… No i dare NOT! Japanese classes have found their way into my heart and I fell ohso loved. yeah, right. I found out how to use some particles and such… that’s about all. Kazi and Hisae show up in this email! OHHH NOOO!!! Notthe peanut butter dragon again! Ohhh man! He flipped 15 trains over last time he came out to play… Guess where I am…. ping pong — JPN.
14 Email
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. About 4 man (mahn) worth! Yokata yo!!! Lucky duck…quack. get outta here! This is an email into… quack quack quack quackquack quack. souinfajnv ozfnva vjaflzv ao rgjnao got em out. That was tough.Oh yeah… a little bit about the VIDEO w/ or w/o the cherry trees….what could happen? no-body-knows…..

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