March 2002 – 03/21/2002

Snow? Yes, snow.

Well, the last few days have proven to be quite interesting. Yes indeed they have. Ranging from a rendevous or two with ‘5-gatsu’, some unexpected rehearsal times, a 1:00 PM call from ‘the door’ to Snow in March. Schedules are nice. Very nice. So nice, in fact, that I think every play should have a schedule going from start to finish. Yea… hmm, start to finish. This play – Gypsy – we’ve received 3 or 4 schedules and we’re not even done yet. The latest schedule ends in about 3 days and there have been no follow ups yet!!! AHHHHHH

Breathing. Back oddly stressed. The RIGHT side of my back is noticably larger than my LEFT due to stress. Kinda strange. Never had that happen before. Maybe I should try Liver for dinner since I’ve never had that before… Ahh, no!

‘5-gatsu’ has willingly hung out with me a few times over the past week or so since the last update. Nifty nifty, I like the no stress environment. Makes for an easy relaxing time. Fun times ahead. Only the great seeing EYE knows. Ewwwww. Ahhhhh. Ohhhhhh.

‘The door’ called me today at 1pm. ?????????????? huh? Quite the odd time to call. A friend at work said "Dude, your blushing, wtf?" I responded, ‘Dude, I’ve got a customer on mute and haven’t heard from this chick in like weeks’ He, of course, replied with the typical manly response "Ohhhhh! Unn Huh Unn Huh" To which I replied with a standard "Oy, yea yea yea." It was good to hear from her though. I can only hope that life is treating her well and no Great White Sharks have found their way into her car in the AM. That would be quite the site.

And the topper of the week. A quote to be used during times of confusion and unexpectedness. Last night BT was laeving and did something that has not happened EVER. He bent his knees, reached down, then began forcing something together. Here is the dialog – paraphrased of course:

A chilly eve at about 12AM at the front door tomy humble residence with about 4 inches of snow lining the ground, walkway,and the driveway

GP – Dude, what are you doing?
BT – Wha…
GP – What are you doing with that?
BT (Packing the snow together in his hands with a direct intent on something,then with a slightly ironic inflection he said) I’mthrowing a snowball… in March? Haa. InMarch.

So I say to you, What’s goin on? Now you say, "I’m throwing a snowball………. in March"…<- meaning -> out

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