Matt's Visit

So the past week I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with someone I haven’t seen since… JAPAN! Matt! The last time I saw him was back in (May, June, or July) 1998. WAITAMINUTE… I lied. We saw each other back in January when I was in the UK in Cambridge. Unfortunately we only had a few hours to hang out. This time… we only had… 10 DAYS!

So one of the first questions Matt had… “What’s a Twinkie?” This EXACT same question was asked by Philip and Anri when I was in the UK. WTF Mate?! WTF!? Why don’t Britons know about Twinkies? Aren’t they in a movie? Hasn’t someone brought a Twinkie to the U.K. before? What’s going on here? Someone? Anyone? Ah, the people over at the had fun with Twinkies. Check em out. = ) Some of their experiments were lotsa fun.

So Matt was here for a full 10+ days including July 4th. Sadly we couldn’t do fireworks because his flight was at 730 the next morning. Happily we did have a grand ol time at Emma’s pool. The dog in the water and the flying people that attempted to catch a flying football provided us all with a great deal of entertainment.

Other than that wildly relaxing day Matt and I found our way into the city to visit The Empire State Building and to a concert. The weather was perfect for photos. Sadly Mic(robe) didn’t make the trip in with us. But he has made it to Sleepy Hollow with Matt and to SLC. Mic is going to join Matt around the world! Follow his adventure at:

We made it to MA (the cabin), CT (a lunch/dinner mystery cruise), and to random places in NY. The cabin was great, though we found that together, we exceeded the weight capacity for the small jet ski. Matt ended up in the water about 6 times. Once it almost worked but a Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight nudge ended up flipping us over about 4 feet from the dock. The cruise… was blah.

It was wonderful to have Matt here. He likes to talk, but he’s definitely got a lot to say so be mindful if you ask him any questions. = P In all seriousness I’m so very happy I was able to help Matt out as he begins his world tour. I’m actually very jealous of him. He’s going to have so many tales to tell. Smart, lucky bastard. = ) Have a safe trip m’boy. I look forward to reading about your adventures along the way.

I think that about covers it. I’ll add more if it comes to me. Z-Land trip time!

07-09-2004 02:39 am

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