May 1998 – email1

From: Gary Ploski
5/6/98 23:57
Subject: HA! Ningen aren’t the same?
To: me

        I was sitting in a chair at school and began to massage on my traps, the muscles on both sides of the neck. A teacher, probably in her early 50’s, looked over and began to say something in Japanese. I didn’t understand what was said until the English teacher sitting next to me translated some of what she said. My reaction was…. “HUH!? WHAT!? You’re kidding right?!”

        Her basic meaning of what she said was that she was surprised that foreigners muscles got tight around the neck as well. How did you react to that? She HONESTLY thought that Japanese were the only people that got tight muscles around the neck area! WHAT!!!! Then she thought that there was a certain massage that was only done {here} in Japan.

        This technique can be described as pressing the muscle then releasing the muscle. Then continuing this over and over and over again. WHAT?!?!!!!! I felt like I was in the ‘Twighlight Zone’ (TM). I couldn’t believe that someone would think such a thing. Oh-mi-o-my!!! Count the chickens before and after they hatch cause somebody’s comin over for dinner tonight! There’s somthing to think about. Oy vey!

        By the way…. ningen… that means human being in Japanese. have a crazy day… or can that only happen in certain places. : ) sarcasm, does it come through via text? Not always, but who knows if it can in some places… Ok, ok, enough of that stuff. ciao cito

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