May 1998 – email8

From: Gary Ploski
5/23/98 0:11
Subject: Re: Dude!
To: m.skinner

        Yo, dude. Was up! I’ll be back during the first full week of August. Gimme a buzz then. I ask that of you cause I’m gonna need to get re-adjusted to my surroundings first, so please call and leave a message with my mom, not the guy (dave). If he gets it I may never get it. SO.. ring ring ring pleaseeeee.

        Go with the woman thing! It’s very nice to read that you’re happy with your present status. Go for it dude! You know that everytime I email you I am going to mention that “ISSUE” that you mentioned an email of yours — the one about “a man should not see certain things” You know I want to hear about this! You know it!

        I look fwd to the Ho Jo’s night cause I wanaa hear this stuff over a HOT Chocolate and my pic albums. THEY’S BIG! We’z gonna be there for a whilllllle. hehehehe. 1st album is 54 pages. 2nd is presently…. WOW!! 28 pages! I;ve got lots more pix too! Long loooong time it’ll be. Maybe it’ll be 3 albums. YIKES!! that’s gonna be heavy! Keep in mind these numbers contain one sheet. One sheet has both front and back filed with stuff. So… double those numbers! YIKESSSSS! lots of stuff to look  at and…. talk about.

        I WANNNNNAAA KNOWW!!! mo sugu. very soon. yokata! alright! eheheh. hehehehe. LOOKKK OUT MIKE!!! DUCK!!  No really, a duck, you see it? it’s on the fence over there. : ) have a crazy day. ciao cito

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