May 2001 – 05/12/2001

Sleep is great, but not for some of us. Just check out the LotD and you’ll understand why I say that. It’s so odd that I’ve included a pic from their web-site. We’re talking strange stuff. Itruly feel for those in the photographs reference I sleep because I slept from 3 am till 2 pm today. WHOOOOOhaaaaaa I needed the rest. It felt dang good though I tell ya.

A while later, about 1 hour, I went to a Hotchkis Field and saw the most AMAZING THING!!! I swear I have never seen this type of thing ever happen in my life. I saw a bird walking down the trunk of a tree – vertically. Adding to that, I saw the bird fly from one tree to another, landing on the trunk vertically. It proceeded to walk around on the trunk of the tree flying from one tree to the next! I have never, ever, EVER seen a bird do that! Talk about wow! Holy tanker losing oil Batman™!

On another note, ‘the end’ is damn cool. I’m so glad that there is a chance for happiness in life. Being the optimist that I am; I have hope. Fingers crossed. I’ll end the night with a random thought, "What’s behind door number 2?!" <- meaning -> out.

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